The objective of the EARTHSONG website is to share awareness of the “moods” at any time and place on earth. This awareness is vital to understanding our common, and individual experience during our lives. The basic science and the system underlying the EARTHSONG was known to the the Tibetans as revealed by the KALACHAKRA Mandala. The EARTHSONG is a bioelectrical frequency caused by the incredibly fast motions in space of our planet around her axis and the sun. It tunes our nervous systems and nourishes and evolves Life on earth.

The system was translated and developed for the “western” mind by Swami Shantam Dheeraj (aka James Rudolf Murly) who left his body in Italy in 1998. It forms the basis of Tibetan Pulsing Healing/Yoga. It happened that after a career as an Earth Scientist I had the opportunity to train with Dheeraj and his friends from 1991 to 1997 at the Osho Multiversity in Pune, India. Since then I have practiced as a therapist in Byron Bay and have produced a yearly bioelectrical map since 2000 AD. I have called the science BIOELECTRONICS.

Bioelectronics helps to change an illusion to truth in our body and our consciousness. It has the potential, to greatly increase human awareness of truth and can be used to heal negativity in our mind and body as reflected in our eyes. I found bioelectronics a vehicle towards “enlightenment”.

In exploring this website you may be daunted by its complexity. This complexity is due to our dual (male and female) electrical nervous systems. These 2 systems are reflected in our eyes. They are made up of 24 bioelectrical circuits connecting 4 centres which are subject to 2 frequency cycles which produce 24 moods per day. These moods allow the 24 chromosomes in every cell of our bodies to tune.

The system is scientific and logical. Once you understand the moods, it is easy to heal illusions by using the EARTHSONG calendar and referring to the keys, the templates, and the summaries in the Tibetan Alphabet. An eye reading, identifying the main issues and Tibetan Pulsing sessions by a practitioner, will help to improve your experience of this moment. Bioelectronics is in its infancy and any contribution towards it, is greatly appreciated so contact me.

In Love for Truth

Byron Bay, Australia