Tibetan Eye Readings and Tibetan Pulsing

Typical photo of the human eye taken by an optometrist


By emailing sharan@earthsong.us

two pictures of your eyes such as the top ones shown you can receive an eye reading. The pictures above were done by an optometrist. Even better are those done by using an iridology microscope. Sharan uses software to convert your photos to the pictures of the iris below which are used for the reading.

Images produced using software and used for Tibetan Eye Readings


The reading informs you of the nature of your nervous system, expression ring, spine, jewels, pools, extent of self realization, cramprings (if present) as discussed in the HOW TO READ pages of the Explanation. You will by email receive an interpretation of your own eyes. The conditions, illusions and locations in the body as pictured in the following example will be forwarded. In addition there will be an explantion of the main conditions and illusions and areas of the body to become aware of during the relevant moods. The benefit of such information will be to understand WHO YOU ARE and tap into the HERE NOW. By using the EARTHSONG Moodfinder to look for the moods during which your individual negative experiences happen, your life will start to improve.

The reading will include tonal poems for the conditions so that you can remind yourself of what causes the negativity and a short note on the relevant Ryder Waite card. You can find the truth by looking up the equivalent card in the book accompanying the Osho Zen Tarot. Tibetan Pulsing Healing sessions can help to speed up the process and to focus on an issue. Sharan is an experienced Tibetan Pulser and has been giving Tibetan Pulsing sessions regularly around Byron Bay since 1996. Or you look up a Tibeten Pulser near you.

If you are interested in a Tibetan Eye Reading or a Tibetan Pulsing Session, please contact Sharan. Contact details are found on the Contact page